'Post Surface' - Intelligent Art by Su Hyun Kim fra SydKorea - september

As a preview on the student conference Artificial Intelligence / Intelligent Art, AIIAcph invites you to experience the works by South Korean artist Su Hyun Kim. 

The exhibition and art work 'Post Surface' shows exposed boundaries between organic life and artificial intelligence. The art work of Su Hyun Kim shows a new virtual ecosystem created by artificial intelligence. All organic life forms have the boundary of death which is programmed by the genes. Her work explores how new life form can be created. Life free from the finiteness in the virtual ecosystem

Data of a fungus is collected and transferred into the system every moment throughout its life until death. The artificial life generates itself and expands its colony. An infinite virtual ecosystem.

Su Hyun Kim graduated from UCLA with a MFA in Design Media Art in 2014.

At 5 PM Su Hyun Kim will at 5pm give an artist talk explaining her views on the the works exhibited and the intersections of art and technology.

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