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Sulafa Hijazi: Animated Images - 1. dec. kl. 17

Sulafa Hijazi: Animated Images - 1. dec. kl. 17

Fernisering torsdag 1/12 kl. 17-21; udstillingen er åben 2.-11. december kl. 13-17, mandag lukket.

Animated Images, an art project by the Syrian artist Sulafa Hijazi, commissioned by Shubbak ‘A window on contemporary Arab culture’ in partnership with the British Council.

This project consists of a series of animated sequences, printed in the ‘Lenticular print technique’, in which the animation moves according to the viewing angle of the audience in the gallery.
It is a personal reflection addresses our relationship with new media, particularly within the current Syrian diaspora, when it has become almost a necessity for living.
At the same time the ‘addictive’ action of using social media cannot be ignored. The daily amount of photos being exhibited certainly affects the way we consume images.
What can we keep in our memory from the immense quantity of images? Can we shift our emotions in the same speed that we shift between these contrasting and varied images? And what is the fine line between using or abusing an image?

Born in Damascus, Syria, Sulafa Hijazi is a Visual artist, Director and Producer. She studied at the Higher Institute of the dramatic arts in Syria where she majored in dramatic studies, and at the Städelschule Art Academy in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, at the class of Judith Hopf. In addition to her artwork, Hijazi began her professional career as a writer and director of animation TV series and other film and media production, with a particular focus on children education and social development. In addition, she was a member of the founding team of Spacetoon the first free Arabic satellite channel for kids, and a board member of CIFEJ International Center of Films for Children and Young People since 2012. Hijazi has received several awards for her work, among them the golden prize in (Hollywood, Russia, India, Cairo, And iran international children and family film festivals) for her latest feature animation The Jasmine Birds. Hijazi’s artwork and illustration has been exhibited in several galleries in Europe and featured in social media newspapers and Internet websites, and some of her illustration had been collected from the British museum in london as part of the Syrian uprising art movement.


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